Sunday, April 5, 2015


It is with much sadness I write this post. Bubba my 20 year old cat passed away in my arms yesterday. He had been at the veterinary hospital for several days. He was diagnosed with Diabetes and had seemed to be on the mend. I had bought all the special food and prepared to learn how to give him insulin shots. He was to come home Saturday morning. Bright and early I got to the vet to pick him up. 

The vet called me in and said that Bubba had taken a turn for the worse. His sugar had shot back up to over 500 and he wasnt responding to insulin anymore also he had begun to go into heart failure. 

He died in my arms a very short time later. I brought him home for burial in the yard he loved.

My blog and my business are both named after him. He was so beautiful and had a gracious personality. He loved everyone.

Rest in Peace my beloved
April 4, 2015 

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