Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I have volunteered many times to be a host family for ducks in need of rescue, I never seemed to get chosen. Monday night I got the message to call. 
A beautiful Toulouse Goose had been abandoned on the college campus. It was very tame and was not being accepted by the Wild ducks that live at the college.

It was late when I picked her up. The campus security officer said he would meet me and take me to her. I brought the largest pet carrier I had. The goose was way to big for it, So I tried wrapping her in a blanket she wanted nothing to do with that. I ended up just spreading a blanket in the back of my 4 Runner and putting her back there.
 She rode really well in the car. I drove slow going home as not to startle her. At a stop light near home a truck pulled up behind me which I speculate had two old drunks from the VFW in it. Their headlights were shining on the tinted back window of my car. I could see the goose bobbing around and looking out the back window. I could also see these two old men pointing and looking. I bet they really questioned what they drank and how much if they were seeing a goose in a car riding down the
 Once I got home with her I let her down in the yard, my dog Sally scared her and she flew up over the house and disappeared. I ran got a flashlight and went out front to see if I could find her. Sure enough she was waddling down the sidewalk. I picked her up and carried her home. I clipped her wings and put her in the fenced in garden area.
I made her a salad and a bowl of chicken feed and scratch.
She seems to be eating pretty good but prefers the dry chicken food to any of the fresh vegetables I have offered her. She is getting used to the dogs although she is still leary. This evening I was inside having dinner and I noticed she kept hanging around the back door , then she started knocking on it with her bill. She was lonely so I went out and held and petted her. She likes attention. I whistled and she began looking for someone, from what I and the security officer have pieced together , we think she was owned by a man. We don't know why she was abandoned. She is healthy, and in great shape and absolutely beautiful bird. I am not certain of her sex but I have named her Gracie/ Gracey if it turns out to be a he.

I am really hoping I can get her used to me and tame her even more. I think she is going to be a fabulous pet. 

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