Wednesday, December 3, 2008


RENO 911!Wendi McLendon-Covey as

Well I scored very high on my entrance exam a 96, went thru the formal interviews and finally got a job with the Sheriff's Office. My friends all think I am going to look really cute in the uniform. I am so thankful to finally have found a job after 4 months of looking. I am not real thrilled with having to get sprayed in the face with mace, or getting tasered, even less thrilled with the idea of having to do a PFT. But it will be worth it, having a stable job, money in the bank, benefits and retirement. I go in next wednesday to get sworn in, get fitted for my uniforms, have ID photos taken etc. Still a few more preliminaries before I am on the job. I am excited. Its a new adventure, and it will be a challenge but I am up to it so I have no apprehensions about that.

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