Sunday, December 21, 2008


This is my husband Greg's boat. Here is all that technical stuff you guys like to know.

They are approx 12 miles off the coast of
Sola, Congo (Dem. Republic of The)-(Zaire)
Other names: Sola Bruges Saint Donat,Kuvu Sola Bruges-Saint Donat,Kuvu Sola,Bruges-Saint-Donat
Latitude -5.1500
Longitude 27.1000
Altitude 2080 ft
Time zone (est) UTC+2

Length Overall 210 ft (64.00 m)
Length between 202 ft (61.57 m)
PerpendicularsBeam 54 ft (16.50 m)
Depth 19 ft (5.80 m)
Operating Draft 16 ft (4.90 m)
Operating Displacement 3,571 lt (3628 mt)
Light Draft 7.9 ft (2.40 m)
Gross Registered Tonnage 1,702

Top Speed Max Draft 13 knots
Top Speed Light Draft 15 knots
Fuel Consumption at 4.9 m
DraftCruising Speed 12.5 knots 150 gph
Economical Speed 11 knots 120 gph

ABS classed DP2 Redundant Positioning System
2 Alstom ADP 21 consoles
2 Leica MX 420 / 2 DGPS
1 Cyscan Laser Reference Unit
2 Gill Wind Observer II Anemometers
2 Watson Vertical Reference Units
2 SG Brown Meridian Gyro
2 DP Alarm and Event Printers
2 x 4 kVA Uninterrupted Power Supply
1 Independent Joystick Control System

Total Installed Power 4,730 kW (6,342 hp)
Main Diesel Generators 2 x 1,825 kW (2,447 hp)
480 V / 60 Hz(Cummins QSK 60)
1 x 910 kW (1,220 hp)480 V / 60 Hz(Cummins KTA 38)
Emergency Generator 1 x 170 kW (228 hp)
480 V / 60 Hz(Cummins 6 CTA 8.3)
Main Propulsion 2 x 1,566 kW (2,100 hp)
Z drive, 360° azimuthing(Steerprop 20)
Bow Tunnel Thrusters 2 x 746 kW (1,000 hp)
CPP at 1,200 rpm(Berg 12S)

Rescue Boat 1 x MOB boat with davit
SOLAS cargo ship safetyequipment
Tugger Winch 1 x 12 st (11 mt) pull
Deck Cargo Crane 2 st @ 32.8 ft (1.8 mt @ 10 m)(optional)
Telescopic boom /Electro-hydraulic
Anchor Windlass
2Roll Reduction System
1 Roll Stabilization Tank
1 Off Ship Fire Fighting
2 pumps at 5,283 gal / min(optional) (1200 m3 / h) each
2 monitors at 5,283 gal / min(1200 m3 / h) each

2 Radars with ARPA
1 Navigation Gyro Compass
1 Autopilot
1 Depth Sounder
1 Speed Log
1 Radio System Compliant with GMDSS A3 Rules
1 EPIRB (2 radar transponders)
5 UHF,
4 VHF (bridge to bridge)
1 Weather Fax1 Navtex
1 PA / Loud Hailer

Fully Air-conditioned
Accommodations for 22 people
composed of:
4 x 1 man cabins
5 x 2 man cabins
2 x 4 man cabins
Provision Room,
Walk in Refrigerator 423 Ft3 (11.9 m3)
Walk in Freezer 335 Ft3 (9.5 m3

Type Platform Support Vessel
Owner Rigdon Marine Corporation
USCG Official # 1173548
Year Built 2005
Builder Bender Shipbuilding & Repair,Co, Inc. (USA)
Flag U.S.A.
Classification ABS+A1
Offshore supportvessel+AMS +DPS-2“circle E”, SOLAS, USCG
Subchapter L, Full Ocean
USCG Safety Standby EEP 100 endorsement by USCG
for safety standby service


  1. I love you baby your my heart and soul

  2. Hey baby

    Well things are to be finally settleing down for me a bit on here after leaving you at the airpot watching you as you walked away as we departed each others company remebering the special time we had spent together while I was home and the sporatic embrassing we shared in each others arms as we held each other and realized how much we truely love each other the whole time we were sharing each others company it was wonderful and exciting every waking moment when i was home with you, I had no idea what i was in store for when I did get on that plane all I knrew was I was going to Heathrow then to Lisbon and then down to Luanda Angola to get on the boat well let me tell you everything drastically changed when I finally arrived in Luanda I had no idea we would be put on a bus for four whole hours as we went thru the proverty striken town to be stared at the whole time by the people that inhibited the city which was by far the most undesirble place i think i have ever experianced in my life, I mean we went thru this part in the city where we were actually driving down a road any road just pick a road and call it yours as vehicals of all sorts tried like hell to make pole position and to get out on the pack. I still remember standing right next to Ed Schmitt when they told me to go and that Ed was to go home because he didnt have enough pages on his pass port and the funny thing about it is i could not do a damn thing about it but to stay focused and keep with the pack of other americans that were along for the ride that were going out to the ships. Well we finally made it thru the traffic and can you believe it we got stuck at this one corner where i swear we sat there for almost a hour waiting our turn to jump out and lead the pack, well when the wheels started spinning again we were on our way to who knows or only who knew only the agent did and he kept saying to the hotel to the hotel well we spent 4 hours on that bus waiting for that hotel and getting further and further away from shanty town and more or less gettin g more on to the safarii to where it finally turned into a dirt road and traveled about another 1 and a half on that when we came up to a big chain link compound with guards at the entrance keeping people out or maybe not letting people out who knows well they came on the bus gave us the big stare down and then let us thru well come to find out that this place we were at was a compound for a lpg gas facility that delivers huge amount of pipe to a dock at the end of the pier they had there, well when the bus finally stopped rolling all got out and were asigned a room no bigger maybe even smaller then our closet in the bedroom the main thing was that there was a shower there and also a chow hall well after we all got done eating and going out to the cabana me and Ruben walked over to the edge of the compound and that is when I finally got to see the Atlantic Ocean for myself from the African coast I picked up some dirt and tossed it in the air and told you I love you while I did it and thought about you the whole time I was looking out over the ocean blowing you kisses as hard as I could and telling you your my heart the coast line we were on was all cliffs and the dropped hundreds of feet off into the abyss and it looked very ancient and prehistoric but then again I guess you could say pretty much all of Africa is. We went back to the compound and I retired to bed and went to sleep because we had to get back up at 2 in the morning to go back into town so I gave you a kiss good night told you i love you said my prayers and went to sleep, I woke up and went to the busses and waited for the rest of the crew and clients to come out and get loaded up. We left at Three in the morning and the ride back in was quick and uneventful and made it there by five we were rushed thru the airport to a holding area to find out we were to board plane sometime in the day to Soyo on the Congo to where we were to catch a boat to our final destination. Well we stayed held up in that holding area for about 3 hours before we were to board the plane and man when I got on that plane I was replused by the way it smelt it smelled just like baby wet diapers and ca-ca it was disgusting and thank god the flight was only going to be a hour, but like they say once you get past the smell it finally goes away. So here we are now in Soyo and they stick us into another holding gate this time and behind a chain link fence for about another hour thats when they started to shuttle us to a drilling compound or i should say a helecopter hanger 7 at a time, Mind you while all this was going on I was constantly showing and handing out my passprort so who knows how many Greg Goodwin are runnning around Africa now anyway they finally got us hanging out in this hanger standing by for this crew boat and so we waited smoked cigs and waited well things started to happen and we were finally standing at the congo river waiting to board a crew boat that was to take us out to our final destinations but the catch was well they had people on the crew boat that had to clear customs and we needed to get on the boat so we were looking at the boat waiting to get on and the people on the boat were dieing to get off it was a stare down well they finally got to get off the crew boat and all they could say was man i am glad to be going home and all we could say was good luck and they just kept saying we dont care were going home and we just kept saying good luck and so we boarded the crew boat well we got on the crew boat and were all standing around waiting to go and kept waiting well come to find out we wernt leaving just yet because they had a line in the water and had a diver over the side getting it out so I went over and looked over the stern and sure enough they had a diver a blackity black black diver in the water with a knife in his mouth and wearing nothing but his shorts holding his breath and going under the boat to cut the line out I couldnt belive it and sure enough wouldnt you know it he fished it all out and got out of the water and so we thought we were ready to go but only waited then a patrol boat came over boarded the boat went up to the captain and gave him a 1000 dollar fine for not flying a yellow flag and the detainment continued, so any way we finally got to get under way and heading out down the congo to our final destination and everyone was going why in the hell our we going so slow and come to find out they dont do personnel transfer at night and we were going to do it first light and that is when i just said to hell with this pulled out your book and started reading I must have read damn near that whole book when the sun finally poked its head out and things finally started to happen and soo here come all these FRC to our rescue to take us to our assigned boats and believe me I was glad to be finally on the Conti. I got on the boat and got my luggage taken care of and went to the bridge to Introduce myself. So the things that went on after we had bid our farwells at the airport i can say that they did not turn out unevent full but very eventfull and a truley differant experiance traveling abroad like that I mean I went from Civilization to ground zero in a matter of 32,000 feet and I am hopeing like hell logistically it wont happen like it did getting here for when it is time for me to come home. But who knows I guess the people that left had the same occurence and were all flown to Johanesseberg and then all over before they finally made it I keep thinking what it might have been for Ed Schmitt but in a way I feeel like we were all like Ed those few days and who knows he might have been treated a little better I know he didnt have to try to sleep on the back deck of a crew boat. So in about 4500 mile away from you i think I had a total of 4 hours sleep didnt eat a damn thing drank alot of water was able to get into Lisbon to buy you a present and then it all went down hill after stepping on the plane to Luanda.
    The whole time all this was going on and no matter how bad it got from all the people complaining it was you that was in my heart keeping me humble and quiet I love you baby and miss you with all my heart your my angel your my world.

    Forever and a Day