Sunday, December 14, 2008


Once a friend told me that she felt like everyday with her husband was Christmas and every weekend was the fourth of July. Her husband has passed on, but what a beautiful love they shared. Her just sharing that sentiment with me, touched my heart and as a hopeless romantic gives me something to aspire to.

My sweet husband and I did our Christmas early. Its not the date that matters its being together that makes it a holiday.


Our first Christmas was so wonderful and so romantic, I wanted to recapture those feelings.

This Christmas we were able to do just that. We reconnected so strongly, and fell in love with each other even deeper. When we had to say goodbye at the airport and we said we loved each other. We just kept saying it over and over, I love you just didn't seem intense enough to express how we felt. That lingering, not wanting to let each other go. There is nothing better than being in love.

We felt closer and more like a family than ever before. We love our girls and they go almost everywhere we do. They don't know they are puppies they think they are babies, and they are my babies.



Even the cats know when Daddy is packing to go somewhere, and they always try to stowaway in his bags.



The only thing I wanted for Christmas was the Estee Lauder Train Case set. I always get mesmerized by the Estee lauder Gift sets and this one was particulary fabulous! It spoke to my Inner Diva So I told my Baby what I wanted. He always goes large on anything he gets me, so he spoiled me very well.

He also got me a bottle off Estee Lauder Cinnabar perfume. I love perfume!

I also mentioned to him that I needed a notebook for work. Well he found this wonderful leather book with the croc print on it, he knows I like, and a really nice leopard patterned pen.

The piece de la resistance was this gorgeous Seiko two tone watch with the blue dial that matches his eyes and 12 diamonds around the bezel. That was a real surprise! I love it!

I have had a Wonderful Christmas and the best gift of all is LOVE! I love you with all my heart angel!

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