Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Journey Never Ends........

My Sweet Baby Boy has been traveling 4 days now . He flew from Houston to London, then to Lisbon before arriving in Luanda, Angola. He was taken to a compound with 50 others in the relief crew. They waited for their ship to come in. They get a phone call that they should all report back to the airport and arrangements were being made to send them to The Republic of Congo. My baby was able to text me and then call from his cell phone and tell me that the conditions were deplorable and that he would not be taking me on a tour there. He said it is muggy hot and miserable and that the ribs they tried to serve them he was sure was road kill. I asked if the food was American food or African food and he said it was whatever they could find. The relief crew consists of 50 people everything from Scientists, Geologists, Captains and Medical Personnel. He said they were currently all out sleeping on the deck of an old dilapidated crew boat waiting for daylight before they tried to make it out to the Conti. Hopefully he will be on his boat soon and have some creature comforts.

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  1. Hey Baby
    Yes it was pretty bad but it sure was a sweet present to be able to hear your voice when I finally got to the boat, The food on hear is a whole lot better then what I had to experiance as well, just know I love you and miss you.
    Forever and a Day