Saturday, December 20, 2008

My First Week....

My first week at the sheriffs dept has been spent in class. On my first day I got back from lunch and found a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a nice Congratulations card from my neighbors on my desk. That was so sweet, I was so surprised and it makes me love each of them even more than I already do.

On Friday I won $50 at the Sheriff's Christmas Party as a door prize, that was great. So hopefully these are all good omens that this job will be wonderful.

Also on Friday we got to tour the jail. It is amazing seeing what types of people and issues will have to be dealt with. In one area of bad boys it was pretty much like being Jodi Foster in one particular scene of Silence of the Lambs. I have been informed it will most likely be a daily event.


There was a minor glitch with some of the classes uniforms. The man ordering them forgot one of the sheets with 4 of our orders so they didn't get ordered til much later. So I am not sure when they will come in. I will start my first day of on the job training on Tuesday and will have to do it in civies. I am looking forward to getting my uniforms though. I did get my badge and ID Card though.


  1. If you are going to look like this girl in uniform below I can tell you now, nobody will want an early release. John Alafonso

  2. Hey baby
    I am so proud of you and I am as well respectful of our neighbors for going out of there way to make you feel good for the accomplishment that you just succeeded in doing.
    Even though i may be in Africa my heart is always with you.
    Forever and a Day