Saturday, December 13, 2008


My sweet baby boy never gets to spend a Christmas at home. So I am really glad we had a few days together before he flies over to Luanda, Angola to do Oil Exploration. This time that he has been home has been wonderful. We experienced our first snow together, while we were driving around looking at Christmas lights with our puppies dressed up in their Christmas outfits. We have had 3 dinner parties. My husband is a fantastic cook he made Smoked rib eye steaks and King crab, while I did all the sides. Baked Sweet potatoes with Honey ginger and brown sugar butter, Clarified Garlic butter as the dipping sauce for the crab, and a wonderful Madiera and Blue Cheese butter to top the steaks. I also did a Fruit and cheese stand, and a dessert tray with a variety of home baked items.Our guests were some friends of my husbands from Louisiana. They were not bashful eaters, I enjoy people who enjoy their food.

Last Night my husband made a Seafood Fettucine and I made garlic bread, Italian salad, My now famous roasted cream cheese and bacon jalapenos, and dessert. Our best friends were over and we had a wonderful night.

The other night I had made a pot of my specialty Lima beans, rice, salad, and Crawfish corn bread. I had just planned for it to be My husband, me and our Bachelor Neighbor. It ended up being 7 guests in total. I love a full house and no leftovers. That crawfish corn bread recipe is geting spread around now.

I am just happy that so many of our friends have come out and made the time to visit my husband on this quick trip home. He is the hardest working man I know, even when he is home he is building something, or installing something better than what we had before ( even though there wasn't a thing wrong with the old thing) he just wants me to have the best.

It has meant alot to me, That he has spent every minute with me, and been so supportive of my new career.

I love him with all my heart, its true he is gone alot but I would never begrudge him of the work he loves, the adventurous places he goes. Its exciting for me to be married to him. He is a man's man and there isn't anything he can't fix or build . I could not to be married to some guy thats home every night plopped down in front of the tv, and his handyman work looks like something from Green Acres.

My husband is the only man for me. We are both strong willed and can do anything we set our minds too. In the coming year with his change of venue and my new job we are going to have all kinds of new adventures and stories to share with each other and keep things fresh.

I worry about his safety and pirates in that part of the world. I told him I was calling Allstate to get a quote on Pirate insurance.

So in closing, I just ask that all of you keep us both in your prayers this coming year, as I do for all of you.

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  1. Hey Baby
    That is so sweet I to love you more then anything inthis world (GRIN.
    I will writr you when I get into the congo.

    Forever and a Day