Saturday, May 14, 2011


Being an animal lover, one thing I noticed in Thailand is how the people live in harmony with animals. Shops, Temples,Beaches and streets had dogs. I was told by an ex-pat living there that Buddhists believe everything has the right to life. Our Guide told us that each day people bring food to the temples for the monks. When the monks have eaten they share the food with the poor and then the animals. I didn't see one skinny dog.


  1. Not sure where you were in Thailand, but I live here and there are PLENTY of skinny dogs. Aside from that inaccuracy, the rest of your post is correct.
    My dog is in fact a "street dog" I rescued off the streets of Bangkok and has gone from being nothing more than a walking skeleton to a happy and healthy dog in just over 2 years. In fact, now she's getting a little plump and a diet may soon be on the horizon ;)
    Check out if you would like to help dogs (and cats) in need over here.

  2. I can only write about what I saw not what I didnt see. Sorry if that offended you.I am sure there are areas of Thailand I did not see in the month I traveled there as well as skinny dogs. Cheers! to you for giving your dog a loving, nurturing home. I love all animals and do what I can to help those in need that I come across. I appreciate the link and I will be donating to SCAD. I consider Thailand an adopted home and want all its inhabitants to have healthy happy lives