Sunday, May 29, 2011


This is Golf he was our Bus assistant I thought he was just the cutest thing.

He was so sweet. If I was Angelina Jolie I would have adopted him and brought him home.

I made a print out of useful Thai travel phrases and I practised memorizing a handful of them. Pronunciation was easier than I had expected and I caught on very quickly. Many Thai people I encountered were surprised I could say more than Hello and I actually understood some of the questions they asked me in Thai. To me learning to speak the language in your host country is just a mark of respect.

On the other side of the coin many people want to learn English. I was afforded the opportunity of practicing English with several Thai school girls. It was fun seeing their bashfulness and hearing their schoolgirl laughs.

The list below is just a few polite phrases that you will use the most.


Sawatdee (krap/kah) Hello
Sabai dee ru (krap/kah) How are you?
Sabai dee (krap/kah) Fine
Khop Khun (krap/kah) Thank you
chai Yes
mai chai No
mai pen rai Never mind /Whatever
(handy all purpose phrase to express the Thai go-with-the-flow attitude)

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  1. what about sow moc moc you are beautiful.
    Love you