Sunday, May 15, 2011


This Buddha shows a little bit of gold leaf .

Worshipers will rub gold leaf on the Buddha statue as an offering.

Flowers are also laid upon the statue.

There is a large Silver bowl and cup filled with water near the statue.

It is customary to pour water over the statue 3 times.

Symbolizing washing of the Buddha during

this Songkran Thai New Year festival.

I learned that the name Buddha is not a particular person
but a title given to those that have reached enlightenment.

Each day of the week has its own special Buddha.

The Thai people are very aware of what day of the week they are born on.

Each day has its own color which people will wear proudly.

I was born on a Tuesday and my color is Pink.

The Gong is to be rung 9 times

I am amazed at how intricate and detailed the statues are.

It shows a pride and reverence in what they believe.

Another statue that was hidden behind a shrine.

This was in the courtyard of the temple. When I asked about the symbolism of the sand elephants and castles, I was told that during this celebration sand is brought in to the temple to replace the earth that is brought out on worshipers feet when they leave the temple thru out the year.

This is a sand elephant in the Temples courtyard. I love how
much detail is put into the offerings of the worshipers.


My husband and I walked the city streets of Bangkok taking in the sights and sounds and we came across this Temple. People were going in to pay homage to their Buddha. We were invited in. There was an area with multiple small Buddha statues one for each day of the week, a silver chalice would be filled with oil and poured over the persons perspective Buddha. At this time I did not know what day of the week I was born or what Buddha was for my birthday. The kind lady told me its like a Buddha buffet here so pour a little oil on all of them. Which I did.

There was lots on incense being lit and monks of all ages walking around in their orange robes. Also I saw the head Monk giving his sermon to the people as they kneeled and prayed. Beautiful Lush Gardens surrounded the area. They also had several gift shops and convenience shops. I picked up several amulets.

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