Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I was moved by the love of the Thai people for their King.

I saw his picture everywhere and some businesses even had signs up saying " We love the King".

While we were in Thailand the King was in the hospital and our guide Tim kept up daily on his recuperation. She truly loves her King. She told of his many accomplishments and his love of his people. During several disasters and events where the people needed immediate help and the government was slow to act the King used his own money to send help and supplies and render aid. He also worked with agronomists and created a hybrid Thai rice. He and his mother have worked diligently to end the heroin trade and teach farming and industry . By the end of the trip I had developed a great admiration of this man and hope his health improves so he may continue to be the longest reining Monarch.


from Wiki

Bhumibol Adulyadej born 5 December 1927) is the current King of Thailand. He is known as Rama IX (and within the Thai royal family and to close associates simply as Lek. Having reigned since 9 June 1946, he is the world's longest-serving current head of state and the longest-reigning monarch in Thai history. He was admitted to Siriraj Hospital in September 2009 for flu and pneumonia and has been confined there since. Rumors about his ill-health caused Thai financial markets to tumble in October 2009.
Although Bhumibol is legally a constitutional monarch, he has made several decisive interventions in Thai politics. He was credited with facilitating Thailand's transition to democracy in the 1990s, although he has supported numerous military regimes, including Sarit Dhanarajata's during the 1960s and the Council for National Security in 2006-2008. During his long reign he has seen over 15 coups, 16 constitutions, and 27 changes of prime ministers. He has also used his influence to stop military coups, including attempts in 1981 and 1985.
Bhumibol is revered by many Thais, despite what the Thai government claims are serious threats to overthrow the monarchy. Bhumibol is legally considered "inviolable", and insults, claims that he is involved in politics, and criticism of him can result in three to fifteen years in jail, though he claimed in his 2005 birthday speech that he would not take lèse majesté seriously.
Bhumibol is credited with a social-economic theory of self-sufficiency. His personal wealth is tremendous: Forbes estimated Bhumibol's personal fortune, including property managed by the Crown Property Bureau which is considered the national property, to be US$30 billion in 2010, and he has been consistently placed at number one of the magazine's list of "The World's Richest Royals". He currently holds major shares in several private companies, including, more than 40% in Sammakorn, 30% in SCG, 30% in Thai Insurance PLC and 20% in SCB. Nonetheless, Crown Property Bureau spends money on public welfare like youth development, however it does not pay taxes and its finances are reported to only Bhumibol. Bhumibol himself has made donations to numerous development projects in Thailand, in areas like agriculture, environment, public health, occupational promotion, water resources, communications and public welfare. Commemoration of Bhumibol's contributions to Thailand are ubiquitous in the Thai media.

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